Forthright Entertainment is a team of exceptionally talented and seriously hardworking people who devote their careers to crafting awesome original games.


We create immersive gaming worlds rich with lore, interesting locales, and memorable characters that provide hours of fun allowing you to take a break from your daily grind!

“Engage like never before!”


Our vision is to build breakthrough experiences featuring world class brands and original franchises, with superior production quality and unmatched gameplay. Our belief is that gaming supersedes all racial, ethnic, cultural and religious differences, enabling us to come together as people and build amazing online communities and friendships.

We are blessed to be creating phenomenal gaming experiences that can change how people see the world.



At Forthright, we understand that developing an environment which promotes creativity and openness, starts with our leaders. We believe that it is our people who make our company and our games great, and it is our goal to foster their development both professionally and personally.


Ryan Waller

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Waller has over ten years of executive management experience in the entertainment industry. As head of Forthright Entertainment, Ryan has shipped over 40 mobile and PC titles, secured authorized development agreements with Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo of America, and Steam. Ryan’s leadership and vision has been paramount in establishing Forthright as an ethical, high-quality, mid-tier game studio.



Ken Rosman

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Ken Rosman has over 20 years in the interactive games industry. He has shipped over 25 titles across all manner of systems including the HoloLens, leading teams from 10 to 150. He previously ran Radical Entertainment for Activision-Blizzard and is currently helping developers ship the best games for Xbox One. As an Executive Director for Forthright Entertainment, Ken is part of a talented team looking to bring new exciting, innovative games to market.



George M Waller

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Over the past 30 years, George has held executive management positions in the psychological, educational, and business fields. He has managed companies with project budgets in excess of 10 million dollars. George held the position of Executive Director for Incare: Emotional Health Resources, growing Incare grew to be one of the largest practices delivering Christian psychological services in the state of Tennessee. He studied at Columbia International University, Liberty University, and received a Certificate in Business with a focus in Resource Management and Strategic Planning from the Slone School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and completed postgraduate work at the University of Tennessee.



Troy Dunniway

Director of Product

Troy Dunniway is a 25 year industry veteran with experience at major studios like Microsoft, EA, UBISOFT, Disney and other companies. He has overseen the design and development of over 100 AAA games on all platforms, from PC (including MMO/Online Game), console, mobile, VR, and more. Troy has led dozens of top successful games like Rainbow Six Vegas and many others. Ten years ago Troy started a large MMO game development company called Globex in China, where he built a 300 person team with offices in 3 countries which was designing and building PC client F2P MMORPG’s and F2P mobile games for the Chinese Market. Troy spent almost 10 years working in China, and 3 years living there, learning how to design and develop free to play online games. Since leaving Globex, Troy has designed a dozen free to play mobile games, including Roller Coaster Tycoon Mobile which was a top 20 game. Troy has spent the last 10 years learning how to design, create, balance and expand free to play online games. He understands it’s a deep mix of psychology, understanding user behavior and needs, understanding social systems and group dynamics, live operational needs, events, balancing PvE and PvP, having great UI/UX and much much more. Troy understands the balance between building premium and F2P, pay to win, paywalls, and how to maximize user retention. Key Titles – Rainbow Six: Vegas, Rachet and Clank.



Maciek Miąsik

Studio Head Forthright Warsaw

Considered to be the Grandfather of the Polish Video Game Industry, Maciek has been leading the industry since 1991. He led development on The Witcher, one of the top grossing European Game Franchises out of Central Europe. His 1992 game Electro Body was the first globally published title by EA developed in Central Europe post Soviet Decline. He has deep knowledge of all aspects of game development, including programming, design, production, management, video special effects, and sound design combined with large technical experience, which makes him a perfect fit to run any video game development studio. To top it off, Maciej is actively engaged in different educational efforts, as a Curriculum Director at Game Dev School, and as a regular lecturer at Warsaw Film School and Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. Key Titles – The Witcher (Enhanced Edition), The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Call of Juarez: The Cartel, Neuroshima Apocalypse, Electro Body and Beat Cop.



Royal O’Brien

Techincal Advisor

Royal O’Brien is a software and hardware engineering veteran with more than 30 years of experience in the corporate enterprise and video game industries, having founded multiple companies from software development to service solutions. He has multiple patents in both video, telephony & digital distribution technologies. He has invented and holds multiple issued patents in the video, VOIP, game, and digital distribution technology industries and has successfully commercialized multiple products in the marketplace from theory to final release. Mr. O’Brien has written products ranging from video game development to advanced methodologies working with many of the video standards and the creation of full software turnkey solutions for delivery and digital distribution streaming of software.He has extensive experience in low latency packet based network delivery for secure, fault tolerant delivery methods for desktop, mobile and embedded systems with delivery methods using many business & consumer grade data connections. Mr. O’Brien is also a developer in many languages such as C/C++/C#/ASM on multiple platforms with vertical market development specialties. Key Title – Star Wars: The Old Republic, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Asta, Quake Wars: Enemy Territory, Prey, Heavy Gear Assault, Lords Mobile, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Killing Floor: Calamity



Scot Bayless

Director of Business Development

Scot has been a technology and creative leader for 30 years. He has designed experimental hardware for the US military and produced hit games at Sega, Microsoft, EA and Capcom. At Microsoft, his studio was the most profitable unit in the Xbox division. He has successfully collaborated with a long list of high-profile talent, including Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, Kathleen Kennedy and many others.


Hans Yianaridis

Narrative Director – Forthright Casual Games

Hans has been crafting stories in his mind since he was a young boy. A brilliant story designer, Hans has a gift to make believable, vulnerable, and interesting characters that are woven into the core of his stories universes. Hans has written Orphan’s Treasure, developed and written the Bashra Universe, and taken over as the lead writer on The Ember Saga.



Ailynn Moore

Art Director – Forthright Casual Games

Ailynn brings a very unique and retro-style of art to Forthright Casual Games. A child of the 80’s and 90’s, she became well known in the Mugen art circles for her design in the Mugen Mario and she continued to expand her own brand over the years. Ailynn has been involved multiple game projects and is currently working on Orphan’s Treasure and The Ember Saga.


Troy Parker

Release Manager and Director of Community Development

Troy is first and foremost an avid-gamer with an attention to detail that makes him very well suited to the role of testing and guiding games under development. With a background in business management, Troy is also a capable social media and community manager, who works willingly and tirelessly to make sure things run as smooth as possible, for developers and players alike. Troy has been involved multiple game projects and is currently overseeing all of Forthright’s social media presence. He also is involved in all daily operations regarding Forthright’s moderators and community managers.